Greece - Council of State, case no. 3328/2011

The case concerned the refusal to grant international protection to the applicant who had produced evidence that he was going to lose his nationality due to pending criminal proceedings against him in his country of nationality.

Case name (in original language)
Συμβούλιο της Επικρατείας 3328/2011
Case status
Case number
Council of State Section (Section D) 3328/2011
Date of decision
Court / UN Treaty Body
Council of State
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Relevant Legislative Provisions

Arts. 1A par. 2, 1F and 33 of the Refugee Convention, Arts. 25 par. 4 of Law 1975/1991, Arts. 2, 3 and 5 of Presidential Decree 61/1999 (A’ 63), Art 3 of the ECHR, Art. 3 of the UN Torture Convention, Art. 20 par. 2 of the Greek Constitution, Arts. 16 par. 1, 6 of the Code of Administrative Procedure, Art. 49 and 50 of Law 3900/2010, Art. 41 par. 1 of Law 1968/1991, Arts. 564 and 565 of Code of Criminal Procedure, Art. 12 of Directive 2004/83/EC, Arts. 12 and 14 of Presidential Decree 96/2008.


The applicant is a Turkish national who entered Greece illegally in 1983 and lodged an application for refugee status determination on the grounds that he feared persecution due to his membership in an anti-establishment organisation in Turkey. The competent administrative authority rejected his application as his fear of persecution had not been well founded and he was excluded from refugee status as he had committed a serious crime out of Greece. The domestic authorities ordered his deportation. However, he obtained consecutive residence permits and continued to live in Greece. Turkey withdrew his nationality in 1987. In 1991 he was convicted of drug related crimes to life in prison. In 2007 he was released from prison but kept in detention until his deportation. After his release, he lodged a second application for refugee status determination which was again rejected. The applicant then filed an application for subsidiary protection which was also rejected.

Decision & Reasoning

The Council of State held that the applicant did not enjoy a right to a hearing before the administrative authorities as the relevant decision had been taken after his request. In addition, the Council of State considered that notification of the decision is only relevant with respect to the time-limit within which the applicant can lawfully have recourse to a judicial remedy and has no effect on the validity of the decision. The Council of State accepted that the applicant’s denationalisation constitutes new information and had taken place after the issuance of the first decision. Moreover, the applicant’s denationalisation may constitute persecution for the purposes of refugee status determination if combined with one of the relevant grounds stipulated by the Refugee Convention. The Council of State concluded that the domestic authorities had not provided reasons for doubting the veracity of the copy of the Turkish Governmental Gazette, for not taking into account the denationalisation of the applicant and for rejecting the applicant’s request for subsidiary protection solely on the basis that it had been lodged after the rejection of his application for refugee status determination. The Council of State further remanded the applicant’s request for international protection to the competent authorities while noting that the latter should also examine whether the applicant can be excluded from refugee status taking into consideration that the anti-establishment organisation he was a member of in Turkey had been classified as a terrorist organisation in 2008 by the Greek police and whether his refugee status can be revoked due to the fact that he has been convicted by a final Greek judgment of a particularly serious crime and may constitute a danger to the community.


The court concluded that the applicant’s second request for refugee status should be reconsidered by the competent authorities as his denationalisation constituted new information that had to be taken into consideration.

Caselaw cited

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